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Ford X-Plan

Lakeland Ford X-Plan Pricing

What is Ford X-Plan Pricing?

Ford Partner Recognition (X PLAN) pricing is a pre-determined, below market value price established by Ford Motor Company, not the dealership. It is printed on the factory invoice. This program was developed to reward the employees of certain suppliers, fleet customers, higher learning institutions, organizations and business partners. Additionally, friends and neighbors of Ford Motor Company employees qualify for this program when sponsored by a Ford employee.

Who is eligible for Ford X-Plan Pricing?

Employee’s (full time, part-time and contractor), retirees and their spouses of eligible partner companies and universities where Ford recruits. Members, customers and spouses of selected organizations/associations with close strategic ties to Ford Motor Company. Selected individuals sponsored by a Ford Motor Company employee or retiree through the Friends and Neighbors Program. Participation is by invitation only, not all suppliers, fleets, etc are eligible.

What do you get with Ford X-Plan?

Thousands of local residents qualify for Ford Motor Company’s “Ford Partner Recognition Program” and aren’t aware of it. This program is better known as Ford X Plan pricing, which could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Let us help you determine if you qualify for Ford X-Plan pricing.